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Welcome to Jump7 – the home of effective sales of innovative brands and products.

At Jump7 we pride ourselves on finding and then selling the greatest new products in the world. We know that for products that solve a problem or that benefit from being explained or demonstrated it’s not just the normal high street retailers that work best. Jump7 are a UK based sales agency that has the contacts and knowledge to help your sales fly.

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Latest Jump7 News

Physicool enter new global markets

Physicool enter new global markets


First seen on Dragons’ Den several years ago, Physicool’s range of rapid relief cooling products for both sports injuries and medical needs - as well as their rapid cooling mist for women suffering from the effects of a hot flush - are a success all around the world. 2021 has seen us enter new markets for Physicool in South Korea, The Netherlands, Australia and Slovenia amongst others.

Fuel The Adventure launch with The Present Finder

Fuel The Adventure launch with The Present Finder


The fantastic Jerrycan inspired Powerbanks from Fuel The Adventure launched their product with orders into The Present Finder, who also selected further Gingko products and the Ask Mummy & Daddy confectionary range for Summer/Autumn 2021.

Switzerland success

Switzerland success


Jump 7 have sold numerous brands into an established Swiss distributor during 2021, including products from Equerry, Zipit, Sanigo, Periea and Gate 8, proving the market across Europe can still be a crucial one for brands based elsewhere.

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