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Training/Consulting and Mentoring testimonials

Published on 07/01/2020

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday Nick.  I hope your drive home was not too onerous; you worked so hard during the day you must have been shattered! A bit of feedback for you:

The prospect of continuing with the development of my idea was so daunting I wasn't sure I was going to proceed.  I certainly didn't know what my next step should be.  Then I was introduced to Nick.  A wealth of knowledge and information was provided in just one day by someone so personable and experienced. Worth every penny. I am now determined and excited to take my project forward to the next stage."

Shaunagh Radcliffe, Bedside Bay

"Was an incredibly useful day with Nick. He is really knowledgeable about all aspects of bringing a product to market (and beyond) and provided in depth answers to all the questions that I had been pondering since starting to develop my product. I now have a much clearer view on how getting my product and business up and running and make it a success."
David Demeda

"We had a very productive day with Nick, we talked in depth about how important packaging and marketing is to the success of a product, as a result we are looking into re-designing our own. Nick covered lots of topics during the day that we hadn’t even begun to think about, it was very beneficial."
Suzanne Smith, Tig-Tag

"I spent the day with Nick and found the day very useful because he covered everything I needed to propel me on my way as a start up in the retail market. Before meeting Nick, the whole thing was overwhelming but after our meeting things became clear. It was money well spent and I would highly recommend meeting with Nick."
Patience Nwodo, Chibu

"I would just like to say on behalf of Paulomi and I we had a great day today. I wasn't too sure what to expect but your warm nature, experience, wealth of knowledge and clarity in relaying the days information to two novice individuals were spot on.
The day was jam packed with great information and lots of helpful tips and tricks for us to get started so we can't thank you enough.
We will go away and work on a few things and certainly come back to you. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead with Jump 7 and yourself"

Neil Patel, Signature Teeth

"I was at a dead end with my product until I met Nick who has opened many doors for me to be successful with my product. There is a lot to take in on the day, but it's definitely money well spent. Nick explains everything down to the last detail from manufacturing, packaging, shipping, marketing and selling. To be honest if I had not met with Nick I would have likely given up and just shelved my product. I now really look forward to working with Nick in the future."
Brett Hughes, Hand De-Icer

"Having minimal experience of business I was quite apprehensive at the thought of just picking up the phone and talking to someone about the next stages of my product. However, there was no need to have been so worried. Nick at Jump 7 was very easy to talk to and I felt after our initial conversation on the phone that I had someone who knew exactly what to do towards getting my product out there. I decided to have a day's consultation with Nick and it was clear from the outset that he had the right experience and knowledge, lots of tips on what to look out for and priceless do’s and don'ts.
Although there was a lot of information to take in, Nick had easy to read handouts that I could make notes on and refer to later, which was perfect for me. Plus with Nick’s assurance that he was always on hand to answer any questions I had about the consultation or any concerns I had going forward, it was really reassuring to feel that I had that support. Thank you Nick and I look forward to working with you further - exciting times are ahead. "

Heather Rissbrook, BubbleBob

Training/Consulting and Mentoring testimonials


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