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US retailer Touch of Modern launch brands in USA

Published on 12/06/2018

US based retail giant, Touch of Modern, is the leading E-Commerce platform for men to discover cutting edge products. During Spring / early Summer 2018 they launched products such as the Infinity Candle, Reflotherapies’ Reflo Socks and SoLight’s foldable solar powered light cubes to their database of 14 million customers. A great way of getting products purchased in the USA and with great visibility for the brand.

US retailer Touch of Modern launch brands in USA

Be Cool The Gadget Store success


Ireland’s premier gadget shop for must have gifts and gadgets for men has taken a range of products through Jump 7 over the years and most recently for example have purchased products from Twistii, Tee Minus and Drinks In Tube.

The Present Finder take on multiple products through Jump 7


The Present Finder, one of the UK’s leading catalogue and online gifting retailers have ordered a big range of products through 2019 including: Wheel Bee, Shmangle, Gingko, My Bunjee, Drinks in Tube, Cycl Winglights, Laloo and the Little Book of Earrings

Products sales success to Scotts of Stow


Scotts of Stow have taken various products that Jump 7 represent and have had particular success with two brands in recent months, the first being the bicycle indicator lights, WingLights POP from Cycl, and secondly the fantastic Wipeout make up removal cloths from Magnitone.

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